Dead dolphins – BP oil disaster lives on…

Well, a few days ago I took the Twitter plunge. I’m failing miserably to keep up with, well, anything really! A bag of flour sits beside the kettle prompting me to make bread but I really want to suss this Twitter malarky out. Whilst jumping from site to site I found a worrying report about dead, young dolphins being found along Mississippi and Alabama shorelines. Their ages suggest that their mothers were just starting gestation when BP’s oil leak began.

I made comment previously about the spill & its miraculous disappearance but while I wondered if there might be an increase in birth defects in children conceived at the height of the pollution, I don’t think I mentioned it. There is no proof yet for what might have caused the dolphin deaths and linked article points out that toxins from oil or the chemicals used to disperse it may be a less likely cause than cold or disease as only one species of dolphin has been found. If the cause is determined, will we find out? And worse still, would we change our ways?


About The Cheery Pessimist

Waiting for some sign that we will change our ways before it all comes tumbling down...still, you've got to laugh
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