It is truly shocking that I haven’t posted since last year! I want to link to my good pal’s excellent blog on his life in transition in northern Portugal and also a link to an article, called Seven years on the plateau, which I wrote recently for the Transition Network’s Social Reporters site. I will write again, as soon as life stops intervening!


About The Cheery Pessimist

Waiting for some sign that we will change our ways before it all comes tumbling down...still, you've got to laugh
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4 Responses to Transition

  1. annisveggies says:

    Hi Mandy
    I have just read your excellent post on the Transition Norwich blog and had a look at some of your posts here. In answer to your (rhetorical?) question at the top of this page, I cannot explain why you are wrong – because you are right. I grew up uncharacteristically suspicious of “progress” and years ago also came to the conclusion that terms such as crazy and insane apply to the world’s institutions and infrastructre, yet they only scratch the surface of the unfathomable depth of our / the planets’ problems.
    Your analyses of what has happened and why are clear and succinct and I am sure will come to be appreciated by more people as history unfolds in the coming years. I love your blog title – the cheery pessimist – and like you am convinced that transition is a very sound reason for optimism.
    In my own little corner I have a project testing out perennial vegetables as a more sustainable way of raising at least some of our own food at home. So far results are encouraging and I am managing to grow some of our own food in a garden so damp and slug ridden that normal veggies had no chance.
    Best wishes
    Anni Kelsey

    • mandy meikle says:

      Hi Anni and many thanks for your words of encouragement – I fear my arguments are only clear and succinct to those who get it already! I’m going to have a look at your blog…keep in touch about any veggie successes. I live on a moor in southern Scotland – we had thunder, lightening & a 20min blizzard at midday. All sunny now. We’re at about 990ft so plants need to be hardy!

      All the best


      • annisveggies says:

        Hi Mandy

        I am just sorting out some seeds to pass on to friends in transition and wondered if you would like some. I have a number of hardy, perennial veggies and can have a trawl through for some that might actually like where you live. If you would like some please email me on annisveggies at hotmail dot co dot uk.

        Anni Kelsey

  2. Jeff Crunk says:

    I just enjoyed reading your “Peak Oil: Seven Years on the Plateau” on Transition Norwich. That led me to your brilliantly named blog. “Cheery Pessimist” strikes the right note in the face of global catabolyic decline, climate change, and the raft of other challenges unique to the Anthropocene.

    Again, really enjoyed the way you conveyed the story of energy. Good luck in your endeavors.

    Good day from Austin, TX.

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