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Ignoring the signs

Imagine a world like ours (let’s call it Thera), with intelligent life forms, opposable thumbs and extractable fossil fuels. After some time, the top predator developed a complex global society and ran the show for its own ends. Yes, there … Continue reading

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Post-peak living: Egypt

Well, here we are in February and I’ve not posted for months. I’m not sure what’s blocking my ability to write but am hoping it’s a mix of general winter apathy, when I spend more time worrying about how damp our wood … Continue reading

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Introducing…Derrick Jensen

This blogging malarkey is not easy! It’s hard to find the inspiration to write, not that I haven’t tried or that nothing much has happened. On 4 August, we had the joyous news that “three-quarters of the oil from the … Continue reading

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Will the oil spill have the same impact on the US psyche as 9/11?

I have not really kept up to speed with what the media are saying about the Deepwater Horizon incident as I know how bad oil spills are – I don’t need to see images of oiled wildlife breathing their last … Continue reading

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Peak oil in a nutshell

Well, over a week has passed since my last post, which was a bit of an unexpected diversion into democracy and planning. Today I’m going to post no more than 500 words on peak oil – what it is ‘in … Continue reading

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