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Factfulness: the need to eradicate inequality, not poverty

It must seem as if I listen to BBC Radio 4 all day long. I don’t, honest, but I freely confess to it being my main source of daily info, and being such a good source of stories from academia, … Continue reading

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It’s just a matter of opinion

“Every tool is a weapon – if you hold it right.” Ani DiFranco [1] I love this quote from American musician and poet, Ani DiFranco, because it captures one of our greatest failings: not understanding that we all see the … Continue reading

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Measuring what, exactly?

In the previous post, we looked at mistakes made by assumption; we hear a ‘fact’ so frequently, or from such trusted sources, that we do not think to question its validity. These mistakes may be innocent, a result of sloppy … Continue reading

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The values of the teacher

In the last post, I reported on a three-day symposium where US state and federal judges were taught about science and scientific scepticism by a man with rather questionable values. The teaching is an excellent idea as even with a … Continue reading

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So, what is true?

I thought I’d have a break from considering how Homo sapiens came to dominate nature, partly because I know I’m going to enter territory which will upset some religious people and that’s not very Christmassy. Following on from the last … Continue reading

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