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Scared new world

We are living through a time when we can see with our own eyes, if we choose to look, that we are running out of resources. Our air is dirty, our water laden with chemicals, our soils a shadow of … Continue reading

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Factfulness: the need to eradicate inequality, not poverty

It must seem as if I listen to BBC Radio 4 all day long. I don’t, honest, but I freely confess to it being my main source of daily info, and being such a good source of stories from academia, … Continue reading

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It’s just a matter of opinion

“Every tool is a weapon – if you hold it right.” Ani DiFranco [1] I love this quote from American musician and poet, Ani DiFranco, because it captures one of our greatest failings: not understanding that we all see the … Continue reading

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Measuring what, exactly?

In the previous post, we looked at mistakes made by assumption; we hear a ‘fact’ so frequently, or from such trusted sources, that we do not think to question its validity. These mistakes may be innocent, a result of sloppy … Continue reading

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The values of the teacher

In the last post, I reported on a three-day symposium where US state and federal judges were taught about science and scientific scepticism by a man with rather questionable values. The teaching is an excellent idea as even with a … Continue reading

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So, what is true?

I thought I’d have a break from considering how Homo sapiens came to dominate nature, partly because I know I’m going to enter territory which will upset some religious people and that’s not very Christmassy. Following on from the last … Continue reading

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