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God spaketh, but why? Part 4: All humans

I have set myself a challenge to post once a week for 5 months on where it all went wrong, on why humanity is decimating the environment and not even bothering to share the loot fairly. We all live by … Continue reading

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Speaking the unspeakable

Monday 16 September (2013) was the deadline for submissions to the little-discussed draft Deregulation Bill, which threatens to put “a duty on persons exercising certain regulatory functions to ‘have regard’ to the desirability of ‘promoting economic growth’.” The Bill is intended to … Continue reading

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What would the slogan be?

So, the world is protesting against increasing social and economic injustice – about time! But what are we protesting for? I visited the Occupy Edinburgh site at St Andrew’s Square on Thursday (20 Oct) – there are some good photos here. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

The Cheery Pessimist is a blog about the energy crisis. As the name implies, I’m not an optimist about our current situation but I also don’t see the point in being gloomy & doomy about it! There is much talk … Continue reading

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