Mandy’s talks

Contact Mandy if you’d like a presentation on the energy crises by emailing mandy[at]ameikle[dot]com (remove spaces and [brackets], of course). Also available for panel appearances and anywhere people want an honest discussion about our energy futures. Standard fee £100 but negotiable for groups with no funding. Happy to travel anywhere (within reason!) but need travel costs to be covered.

I rarely get real feedback (i.e. more than people saying ‘that was great’ after the event) but Open University Enterprise students are asked to feed back formally and I’m glad of that as this is pretty complimentary, although I never got asked back – make of that what you will!

Event Title: ‘Understanding peak oil: Future-proofing your energy enterprise’
Event Date: Tuesday 23 June 2009
Venue: The Open University in Scotland, Edinburgh
Event Time: 6.00 – 8.00pm
Number of attendees: 13

Excellent: 9
Good: 4
Average: 0
Poor: 0

What were the MOST useful parts of this event for you?
Realising the true meaning of ‘Peak Oil’
Presentation and discussion and the Resources List (x4)
All of it
[note: this is kinda the same as the line above – there really wasn’t much else!]
Basic geology lecture and outline of the whys and wherefores of peak oil was excellent
List of resources
Presentation had good level of detail – lucid and cogent
The information on peak oil relates to climate change going on at present
Information and explanation on peak oil
How oil is found
Projection figures on production usage

And WWF staff gave the following feedback after I gave a presentation at their Dunkeld office in 2007:
Interesting talk – passionate about subject and engaging
Simple and clear diagrams
She really knows her stuff and that was obvious at her in depth answers to questions
Could have tried to read less from notes* as she clearly knew her field –  the talk was very inspiring
Direct presentation with humour – which is important!
Interesting thought of engaging with public about climate change
I had never heard of peak oil and now I feel I can at least talk simply about it
I never knew peak oil was so relevant to us

*Yes, that was back in my pre-powerpoint flipchart days. I no longer stand there with shaky notes in hand but I do use electricity – you cannae win!

Previous talks
Mandy has been giving talks, leading workshops and spouting forth on the energy crises during panel debates across Scotland (and occasionally in England) since 2004. She will happily come to an event near you…although sadly interest seems to have peaked!

22/4/14 – ‘Unconventional gas’ information evening organised by the Lanarkshire Green Party. Paul Daly, FoES‘ energy campaigner also spoke. (Carnwath, South Lanarkshire)

8/5/13 – Citizenship in oil-producing societies – a 2-day conference held at King’s College Conference Centre. Audio and summaries here. (Aberdeen)

15/8/12 – panel speaker after Fringe performance about Deepwater Horizon, called NOLA and performed by Look Left, Look Right. Venue: Underbelly Cafe, Cowgate, Edinburgh (3.30pm – 5pm)
12/5/12 – Transition Edinburgh (event after AGM)
18/4/12 – Greenpeace Edinburgh
30/1/12 – Citizenship in oil-producing societies (invited to take part in this planning event for a conference next year)

25/11/11 – Crisis Forum Workshop 6 (Winchester)
19/11/11 – Urban Roots: Save Yer Energy! Panel debate at Toryglen Parish Church, (Glasgow)
13/9/11 – Edinburgh Heart & Soul, The Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh
30/8/11 – Transition Linlithgow, St. Michael’s Cross House, Linlithgow
30/7/11 – Transition Pentlands – Juniper Green Energy Fair
11/6/11 – Upgrade! – international network of gatherings concerning art, technology and culture (first of 4 speakers on conservation issues)
14/1/11 Transition Black Isle – Beyond the Energy Crunch (panel debate)

16/10/10 Edinburgh World Justice Festival
26/9/10 Painting Edinburgh Green (Transition Edinburgh)
28/6/10 Communities Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston (CONCH), debate in West Kilbride
23/6/10 Transition Edinburgh South
10/6/10 Transition Edinburgh South
15/5/10 Transition Pentlands (Edinburgh)
8/5/10 Linlithgow Climate Challenge
22/3/10 People & Planet Edinburgh
16/1/10 Transition Black Isle, Fortrose (as I doubt many people will read this, I’ll let you into a little secret – it was at this event that the Cheery Pessimist was born. Yes, after hearing my talk, Charles Kennedy MP exclaimed that he’d never met such a cheery pessimist and I knew that, despite being a Lib Dem, he was onto something!)

13/11/09 Isle of Eigg Going Green
29/10/09 You Can Cook, Peebles
30/9/09 Towards Transition Glasgow
26/9/09 Reforesting Scotland Gathering (Tighnabruiach)
8/7/09 Greenpeace Edinburgh
23/6/09 Open University/Scottish Institute for Enterprise (Edinburgh)
12/6/09 Scottish Climate Camp (Glasgow)
30/5/09 Edinburgh World Justice Festival
25/4/09 Dundee Green Party peak oil panel
13/3/09 PIPER (14 – 18-yr olds; Edinburgh)
28/1/09 Peeblesshire Environment Concern

18/10/08 Social Forum on climate change & peak oil (Edinburgh)
14/9/08 Transition Edinburgh
8/8/08 Climate Camp (Kingsnorth)
7/7/08 Falkirk & West Lothian Greens
28/6/08 Edinburgh World Justice Festival
16/5/08 Peak oil & climate change event at Scottish Parliament
12/6/08 Edinburgh Quakers
12/5/08 Ullapool Energy meeting
8/5/08 Linlithgow climate action meeting
5/4/08 Transition Edinburgh Awareness Day
19/3/08 Spokes (Lothians cycling campaign)

9/12/07 Transition Edinburgh
24/11/07 Greenpeace Skillshare, Edinburgh
1/11/07 Active Citizenship Group, Edinburgh
29/10/07 BiofuelWatch, Aberdeen
6/10/07 Scientists for Global Responsibility conference, London
4/10/07 South Lanarkshire Greens, Lanark
26/9/07 WWF Scotland, Dunkeld
16/8/07 Climate Camp (Heathrow)
23/6/07 Edinburgh World Justice Festival (Edinburgh)
22/6/07 It’s the oil, stupid (Strathclyde Uni), Columbia Solidarity event
16/6/07 Big Tent (Falkland)
16/4/07 World Development Movement local group (Edinburgh)
17/3/07 Rising Tide (Edinburgh)

8/10/06 Reforesting Scotland Gathering (Falkland)
28/8/06 Climate Camp (Drax)
6/5/06 Big Blether 5 (Lauriston Hall)
25/4/06 West Lothian Greens (Linlithgow)
20/3/06 Perth Greens Energy Debate
14/3/06 South Lanarkshire Greens (Strathaven)
11/2/06 CND local group (Edinburgh)

29/7/05 Glasgow Green Party
7/6/05 Urban November (Aberdeen)

15/10/04 European Social Forum (London)
29/5/04 SEAD: Climate, Oil & War (Edinburgh)

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