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God spaketh, but why? Part 15: Which story?

This series of blog posts considers how the dominant story of controlling nature came to be and how we might change the story again, to one more likely to persist into a viable future for all species. It was Yuval … Continue reading

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Measuring what, exactly?

In the previous post, we looked at mistakes made by assumption; we hear a ‘fact’ so frequently, or from such trusted sources, that we do not think to question its validity. These mistakes may be innocent, a result of sloppy … Continue reading

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Tales untold

I┬ádon’t know how many column inches have been given over to the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) disaster but not many told the stories of ordinary people. While the environmental impact is often prominent in oil spill reporting, initially at least, the … Continue reading

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Dead dolphins – BP oil disaster lives on…

Well, a few days ago I took the Twitter plunge. I’m failing miserably to keep up with, well, anything really! A bag of flour sits beside the kettle prompting me to make bread but I really want to suss this … Continue reading

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Introducing…Derrick Jensen

This blogging malarkey is not easy! It’s hard to find the inspiration to write, not that I haven’t tried or that nothing much has happened. On 4 August, we had the joyous news that “three-quarters of the oil from the … Continue reading

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